Friday, August 28, 2009

Sad but Happy Times

It is sad but also happy times... 3 of our little guys are headed off to their new homes this weekend and another one is heading out in another week.

Nugget and Brit will be the first to head out tomorrow afternoon. Originally, Nugget was just heading out tomorrow but the lady adopting him has decided that she would like Nugget to have a companion. She had originally been debating between Nugget and Brit and then decided on Nugget for sure as his photos just tugged her emotions hard as being the one. Today, she inquired about whether Brit and Nugget were good friends and they are best buds. So she has decided to give them both a home with her. I am sure Brit and Nugget will appreciate being kept together as they are often playing with one another and have similar personalities. They both love to play tackle and sneak up unsuspectingly on the other one and then chase each other.

Then on Sunday, Masq is headed out to his new family and home. He is going to a couple’s home with their other family member, Maggie, a 38lb dog. Maggie and Masq seemed to get along well when Maggie came over to meet him. At the time, Masq was more interested in playing with his brothers than with Maggie but was one of the few kittens to not be phased one bit by Maggie and even was curious and investigative as soon as she came in. Once he had investigated her and determined she was okay, he went right back to playing with his brothers. So as kitten and dog combos go, we think they will work things out fine and become good companions for one another fairly quickly.

It is going to be nice to know that they have new homes to go to and people to love and get attached to them. We love them and are fairly attached but we have known from the beginning that we would have to let them go so have been preparing for this day... it is just still hard that it is coming now. Time has flown by!

On Thursday, the boys went in for their “special vet visit” to be fixed so we only had mamma and Mydnight home as we have decided to wait longer before having Mydnight fixed as the female operation is a lot more involved and we would like her to be a bit older first. It was amazingly a LOT quieter just having our own 3 and mamma and Mydnight around. Mamma and Mydnight are both pretty calm kittehs so it didn’t seem like much difference with those 5 home as our normal 3 seem. When the boys returned on Friday morning, it was back to the fun but chaotic times of a full household. With the boys around, Mydnight plays a little more and the boys definitely play a lot more.

So having 3 boys leaving this weekend, the 3 most active boys, it is going to be a noticeable difference come Monday morning I am sure.

Ash has a home to go to but won’t be leaving until about Labor Day as he is going home with our friends Amy and Jared. They are taking him back to a friend and coworker of Amy’s who fell in love with Ash at first sight. He is an adorable and cuddly “little” guy. Hard to really call him a “little” guy as he is by far the sturdier build of all the kittens. He is built differently than the rest and such a different coloring than anyone else. He is a mix of cuddle monster and play with me monster. He is an adorable monster and I am sure is going to make Dana a good kitten.

That leaves the two that Mike and I have been going back and forth on wanting to keep for ourselves, Mydnight and Smirk, without homes yet. We are playing it by ear. If we find them homes, we will try to as we believe it would be more fair to them and to our other cats if they had families of their own. However, they are welcome to stay with us as long as is needed to find them good homes.

We think it would be best if we went back to just our 3 so will continue trying to find Mydnight, Smirk and Clousette homes. We love them all but those 3 really have bonded much more with us than the 4 that have found homes so it will be especially hard when it comes time to let them go off to new homes.

So it is sad times but also happy times... new families, new beginning, everlasting in our hearts and memories...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh noes! The hidey hole is blocked!

I tried to get back into the bed hidey hole today and daddy blocked it! He was all "You don't have to go in there!" and "Hey! Stop trying to pull that out!"

Spreading Out

A bunch of us are spending a lot of time sleeping in the biiiig cat tower out in the living room. The pink people are always surprised that we can get all the way to the top :)

At night, we took a vote and we are trying to take as much of daddy's side of the bed as possible. No more piles for us! Yay for spreading out all over!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weight update

Today, we gave the kittehs another weighing to see how they are coming along nearing the 8 week mark when they could be fixed. We need them to be at least 8 weeks and 2 pounds in weight in order for them to be able to handle the anesthesia.

Their weights are deceptive as some of them appear to be much larger than the others in build and some appear quite petite. However, when weighed, they are all fairly close in weight. Ash looks the biggest in structure and fluffiness and as expected, is the heavy weight of the litter at 2 pounds 4 ounces. Masq looks the smallest in stature however, he comes in just slightly ahead of Mydnight to stay out the light weight spot. Mydnight, the only girl of the litter, is the light weight at 1 pound 15 ounces. Masq is next at 1 pound 15 1/4 ounces. Nugget also looks small but weighed in at 2 pounds. Smirk was 2 pounds 1 ounce and Brit weighed in at 1 pound 15 1/2 ounces. By this time next week when they are officially 8 weeks old, they all should have surpassed the 2 pound mark.

We aren’t rushing to get them fixed as soon as they pass the 8 week mark as it is still a bit of a risk doing it so young but will make sure that they are fixed before they go to their new homes. Being mostly boys as well, it isn’t quite as risky as the more involved surgery that Mydnight will need. She can wait a little longer as we haven’t lined up a home for her yet... surprising a bit as she is such a beauty and sweet little girl.

So far, we have potential homes for Ash and Masq. Ash won’t be going to his new home until the beginning of September so we knew he had time to put on weight if needed but Masq’s prospective parents are coming to meet him tomorrow so we wanted to see how close he was to being able to be snipped once he is old enough and he is doing well.

Oh! There are more rooms!

We found out that there are more rooms and some more cats outside the bedroom through the climbing door.

After much exploration and play we had a nap on the big cat tower and then more play. Momma was worried and kept following us all over the place.

Been a good day for 'sploration. Having another nap now!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sleepin' on the people

People are interesting to sleep on. They are warm and soft, but you have to be careful if they move. They also don't appreciate sliding down their back with claws.


Monday, August 10, 2009

The Daily Kitten

The kittens are now being featured on The Daily Kitten. Yesterday was Ash’s feature day and today is Brit’s. Over the next few days, each kitten is going to be featured on their own day.

They are continuing to grow and play more and more and snuggle more and more.

Will update more over the next few days but today I am trying to get through all of the photos of my wonderful weekend away with friends.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Peaceful & Sweet Mydnight

When Mydnight takes a moment to rest, she looks like a little angel. A precious soul full of love and desire to be near you. She loves to make sure you know she is at your feet and is tickled happy if you pick her up and let her see the world from higher up.

Scrapping Note: More of MaryAnn’s new products over at in addition to some familiar favorite items from Anna Aspnes, Katie Pertiet and Lynn Grieveson over at Designer Digitals.

Silly Smirk

A layout about Smirk and his fascination with getting his paws wet in the shower after we leave and then shaking them off and having a little slurp session of the shower floor water. He is so adorable and such a sweet kitteh! even making funny faces, he is adorable.


Scrapping side note: So happy to see that designer MaryAnn Wise has a new home over at so I don’t have to lose out on her great designs. I really am loving her new antique sewing machine journal boxes! and isn’t that date stamp just gorgeous?! Click the photo for a larger size including credits.

Feet! ack wet! ... Feet! ack wet!

Found dadeh's feet and started playin, then I gots wet! I went off to play with Ash and then came back to attack dadeh's feet again and got wet AGAIN! I'm leavn da feets alone for now.


(I started using the water spray bottle to teach them not to attack socks/feet. It seems to be working)

Sleepless in McDonough

Tonight, our goal was to play all over the bed and keep dadeh awake as looooong as possible.

At one point Brit, Smirk, Mydnight and myself were all tussling on the bed aaaaaalllll over dadeh's legs. It was most awesome.


Monday, August 3, 2009


The kittehs are definitely more active and playful lately, especially anytime we come in the vicinity of them. They grab their kittehnaps while we are off doing grown up things. Clousette is even now getting in on some of the fun. In this video, she is mainly just watching the kittehs and making sure noone is beating up on anyone else excessively. She does get into letting them play with her tail and swoosh it around for them to pounce.

It has been easier lately to get some video of them than it has been to photograph them as you may notice from this short video, they don't stay put in any one place for long.

Hopefully, I have figured out this video thing a little better and choosing music to go with it, uggg.. but think that the fun playful toon of this is fitting for their fun antics.