Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kitteh Siblings rock!

I haven't been so good about keeping up with reporting on the kittehs now that they are getting older, but they are all doing well and adjusted into the bigger kitteh family.

Ash is the rambunctious teenager who knows that he shouldn't be doing things but can't keep himself from trying new things & repeating old silly things. He is our climber in the family. He will find a way to get to any high perch in the house.... and not always the easiest way. He will make his way to the top of open doors (propped open securely) and then to the top of a ledge above a closet.... and then back down a different way. He ... as much as we try to stop it, we can't seem to... will climb up the window frames & hang by one nail from the window curtains and then jump down and repeat it over again. He is the one to keep me on my toes for sure. When Ash has had enough play though, he will completely collapse into the cuddliest ball of fur in Mike's lap and stay there for hours.

Smirk on the other hand is a completely different sibling. He is the quiet one and loves to have his head rubbed but isn't as big on cuddles. He will be cuddly for short periods of time but he is taking after Pickles more in being a proximity kitteh. He wants to be near you and see what you are doing but not really want to cuddle.

So I am pretty sure from those descriptions, you can see who would be easier to try to sew around and who makes it a complete challenge...

Smirk sometimes gets annoyed at his brother for his constant pestering but more often than naught, the two of them have some of the best play sessions. Watching kitteh siblings together rocks! It is such a different dynamic than 2 cats who grow up apart and then were brought into the same house.

Today's The Daily Kitten has two kitteh siblings and I think their pictures demonstrate how cool kitteh siblings together can be.