Saturday, October 24, 2009

A change of times for kittehpile!

With Mydnight's departure to her new home this week, we are now entering a change of times for kittehpile!

Ash and Smirk remain with us and are in the process of becoming Guenthers. Smirk attached himself to us early on and let us know that he wanted to stay with us and we caved. Ash, originally had a home to go to but as I believe I informed you, due to allergies, that fell through. We haven't received any further inquiries about him and he has taken Smirk's path of twisting us around his little paw. They are two of the sweetest and biggest cuddle monsters ever so we have caved and are in the process of teaching them to be permanent Guenthers.

We took a vacation recently and had a cat sitter in to look after them. That seemed to be exactly what was in order for the kittens and older cats to come to an understanding when the humans were away. They appear to have sorted out their problems and we came home to a much happier and cohesive household. The kittens and older cats are co-existing & interacting with one another more rather than keeping distance from one another.

The last few months have been both trying at times to also being extremely emotionally rewarding. Clousette and 4 of her 6 kittens have all been adopted out now so we have achieved our mission; seeing them find loving, forever homes.

Therefore, kittehpile will now be taking a slight change for the times. It will still feature updates on Ash and Smirk (as well as any other updates I get about the others' from their new parents) but it will now also expand to include our 3 adult cats. Cosmo - our 6 1/2 year old orange tabby grumpy but cuddly boy. Piccolo - our 3 1/2 year old blue russian proximity girl. Tasha - our ~ 2 year old orange tabby girl stray rescue from earlier this year. They all have distinct and amusing personalities and quirks so hopefully you will still continue to enjoy following them along with the kittens as they grow up.

Clousette & Mydnight update

So it has been a few weeks since Clousette went to her new home. She has continued to be the so sweet and lovable cat we came to hold a very special spot in our hearts for. Her new mamma is showering her with lots of love.

Mydnight had her surgery a couple of weeks ago and was ready to have her stitches out & rejoin her mamma in her new home this week. She made the journey and rejoined mamma on Friday. They picked up where they left off and had a beautiful reunion.

Their new mamma is really enjoying having them in her life and we are so thankful that she was able to give them both a home so that they could stay together.

I received a few photos of them today and will try to get them posted shortly.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kitten & Mamma update

Today, mamma Clousette is on her way to her new home via an overnight trip to her new mamma's friend's house. Her new mamma, Robin, works with a lady, Amy, who has picked up Clousette and is taking her to her home for the night. Amy works in the same office as Robin on Fridays up in northern Georgia so is acting as transporter for us.

In a couple of weeks, Mydnight will be rejoining Clousette in her new home with Robin as well. Mydnight is scheduled to go in for her surgery the middle of next week and then needs a couple of weeks recuperation time before the stitches come out and she is ready to travel to her new home.

We think that they will be happy in their new home and are anxiously awaiting news as to how Clousette adjusts to her new home tomorrow. She adjusted very well to ours so we expect it to go well. She is such a loving kitty and hope that she will continue to show her sweetness and love to her new mamma.

The remaining kittens have been with mamma for almost 14 weeks now so should have a great beginning and ready to be without mamma. They did fine when she went in overnight for her surgery and even were cuddlier with us while she was at the vet's so we are excited to see how they are now with her gone.